Birding In Odzala

by Gaël R. Vande weghe


Lango, located a few kilometers from Mboko along the Lango wetland system, offers a unique birding experience with its elevated boardwalk and the Lango Bai. While the birding communities in Lango may be similar to those in Mboko, the interraction with the various habitats are quite different.

One of the highlights at Lango Bai is the opportunity to witness massive congregations of birds early in the morning or sometimes along the day. Green Pigeons, Afep Pigeons, and Grey Parrots gather in numbers that can reach the hundreds or even thousands, right in front of the lodge. This gathering creates a stunning and loud spectacle, as the birds fill the air with their calls. It is an awe-inspiring experience for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

The elevated boardwalk at Lango Lodge offers a distinct advantage for birdwatching. The continued human presence around the lodge has habituated many bird species, allowing for close-up and unique observations of forest birds that would typically be difficult to spot. The close proximity and the combination of lodge and the bai, all within a 100m radius, provides an excellent opportunity to appreciate forest biodiversity in its intimacy and enhances the birding experience by offering a direct immersion in the ecosystem. Whether it’s the dramatic congregations of pigeons and parrots at the bai or the habituated forest birds on the various decks and between the rooms. Lango provides an fantastic birdwatching adventure.

Here are a few species photographed while exploring Lango.


African Green PigeonTreron calvus

Guinea TuracoTauraco persa

Blue-breasted KingfisherHalcyon malimbicus

Yellow-throated ThinkerbirdPogoniulus subsulphureus

Red-rumped Thinkerbird – Pogoniulus atroflavus

Speckled ThinkerbirdPogoniulus scolopaceus

Spotted HoneyguideIndicator maculatus

Green-backed WoodpeckerCampethera caillautii

Lowland Sooty BoubouLaniarius leucorhynchus

Plain Greenbul – Eurillas curvirostris

Slender-billed Greenbul – Stelgidillas gracilirostris

Icterine Greenbul – Phyllastrephus icterinus

Swamp GreenbulThescelocichla leucopleura

Eastern Bearded-GreenbulCriniger chloronotus

White-browed Forest-Flycatcher – Fraseria cinerascens

African Forest-FlycatcherFraseria ocreata

Black-necked Wattle-eye – Platysteira chalybea

Blue-headed Crested-Flycatcher – Trochocercus nitens

Chattering Cisticola – Cisticola anonymus

Green Crombec – Sylvietta virens

Black-capped ApalisApalis nigriceps

Olive-green CamaropteraCamaroptera chloronota

Rufous-crowned Eremomela – Eremomela badiceps

Olive SunbirdCyanomitra olivacea

Tiny Sunbird – Cinnyris minullus

Little Green Sunbird Anthreptes seimundi

Blue-billed Malimbe Malimbus nitens

Chestnut-breasted Nigrita Nigrita bicolor