Birding In Odzala

by Gaël R. Vande weghe


Renowned for its captivating Lowland Gorilla trekking experiences, Ngaga stands as a remarkable destination situated beyond the boundaries of Odzala National Park. Nestled upon a hill, Ngaga Lodge is overlooking a small river and its riverine vegetation. Encircled by a sea of Marantaceae forest and towering trees, the entire concession boasts an intricate network of well-established trails, unveiling nice views on the upper canopy. Ngaga serves as a haven for avian enthusiasts, as numerous bird species, such as the often heard but rarely seen Black-collared Lovebird and a myriad of others, can be easily spotted in the area. Elevated rooms and cozy chalets, perched amidst trees, offer exceptional opportunities for quiet birdwatching.

Here is a collection of bird images captured in the vicinity of Ngaga.


Cassin’s SpinetailNeafrapus cassini

Sabine’s SpinetailRhaphidura sabini

Bare-cheeked Trogon – Apaloderma aequatoriale

African Dwarf Kingfisher – Ispidina lecontei

Blue-headed Bee-eaterMerops muelleri

Black Bee-eater – Merops gularis

Black Dwarf HornbillHorizocerus hartlaubi

Piping HornbillBycanistes fistulator

Red-tailed Ant-ThrushNeocossyphus rufus

Rufous Flycatcher-ThrushStizorhina fraseri

Yellow-footed Flycatcher – Muscicapa sethsmithi

Rufous-bellied Helmetshrike – Prionops rufiventris

Red-eyed Puffback Dryoscopus senegalensis

Sabine’s PuffbackDryoscopus sabini

White-spotted Wattle-eye – Platysteira tonsa

Western NicatorNicator chloris

Bates’s Paradise-FlycatcherTerpsiphone batesi

Velvet-mantled Drongo – Dicrurus modestus

Shining Drongo – Dicrurus atripennis

Yellow-whiskered GreenbulEurillas latirostris

Ansorge’s Greenbul – Eurillas ansorgei

Lesser BristlebillBleda notata

Red-tailed BristlebillBleda syndactylus

Sjöstedt’s Greenbul – Baeopogon clamans

Brown IlladopsisIlladopsis fulvescens

Lemon-bellied CrombecSylvietta dentii

Yellow-browed Camaroptera Camaroptera superciliaris

Buff-throated Apalis Apalis rufogularis

Johanna Sunbird Cinnyris johannae

Cassin’s Malimbe Malimbus cassini

Woodhouse’s Antpecker Parmoptila woodhousei