by Gaël R. Vande weghe

16 May 2022

Every year, from the end of April to early June, one species of daisy, Bidens grantii, will be massively flowering in most of Rwanda, below 1,800m. It used to be known as Bidens steppia, but, science happened. The bloom is particularly extensive in Akagera National Park, although it varies from year to year. During this period, particularly on the most impressive years, the park is covered by an uneven yellow blanket, on road sides and hills, sometimes as far as the eye can see. May is usually not the easiest for wildlife sightings, since the grasses are tall, and the vegetation has reached its maximum height, slowly becoming dry before the fires and the great renewal in early july. Nevertheless, if there was ever only one reason visit Akagera NP during this time, it would be to feast your eyes on the vibrant yellow color.

Here is a little challenge I gave myself (amidst other tasks) to capture photographs of these flowers and curate a visual collection that represents the ambiance of the park during this period.

Details and bokeh – Muyumbu

Details and bokeh – Lake shore

When there are few – Rwisirabo

Landscape – Nyamatete

Details and bokeh – Rwisirabo

Patchwork – Hago

Landscape – Gishanju

Landscape – Below Mutumba

Details and bokeh – Nyamabuye

Landscape – Kitabiri

Patchwork – Kitabiri

Patchwork – Kajumbura

View from below – Lake shore

Landscape – Kajumbura

Patchwork and bokeh – Mutumba

Landscape – Mutumba

Detail and bokeh – Lake shore

Landscape – Rwisirabo

With a zebra – Gishanju

Detail – Rwisirabo

Patchwork – Gishanju

Landscape – Mutumba

When there are few – Lake shore

From far – Kajumbura

Just one – Rwingwe