Part I. Stillness and fishermen

by Gaël R. Vande weghe


Lake Kivu, renowned as one of Africa’s largest lakes, forms a significant division within the Albertine Rift. This photographic series showcases the landscapes that are familiar and beloved to us Rwandans. Known for its tranquility, Lake Kivu offers a peaceful retreat with dramatic views. Its scenery is occasionally occupied by fishermen who depart from the shores at dusk, embarking on nocturnal voyages in search of the prized ‘sambaza,’ a small, highly valued fish. Unlike many lakes with extensive beaches, Lake Kivu’s charm lies in its depth and the irregularity of its shores. The views across the lake are ever-changing, often revealing the majestic mountains on the opposite side. For every Rwandan, Lake Kivu holds a special place in our collective memory.


South of Rubavu, views from Paradis Malahide.

Fisherman at large.

A lone dugout canoe “pirogue” at large close to Kinunu.

End of days in Karongi.

Fishermen in Kinunu.

Fishermen in Rubavu.

Sunset in Rubavu.

The mighty hills in Congo, across Rubavu

Dry season sunset in Kinunu.

Fishermen and sunset in Rubavu.

Ephemeral rosy tones, they never last long in our latitudes.

First fishermen lights at dusk.

Before dark in Karongi.

Before dark in Karongi.

The small island in front of Paradis Malahide.

Quiet end of days in Rubavu.

First lights on in Rubavu.